Print & Pattern

Wee Design Studio can supply fashion prints and patterns, all created and supplied as full repeat designs,

made in either Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop and therefore easily re-coloured and re-sized.

Contact the studio today to discuss your print requirements.

This is just a small example below of the numerous print designs and services which the Wee Design Studio can offer and prices start at £190 per design depending on the complexity of the brief.

Mens, Ladies, Girls, Boys & Babies Print Designs are possible.

print pattern design

Sublimation Prints

The joy of printing digitally as a sublimation print means that often the design can be made up of photographs or millions of colours, creating a vibrant, colourful design.

This particular design was done for a ladies sportswear range for a UK retailer.

Vector Design

This leaf pattern was hand drawn then converted into a digital vector file which is then easy to re-colour in multiple options.

All of my prints are in a perfect repeats and can be re-sized to a specific size to suit production.

Print designs like these are perfect for rotary or screen printing

tropical print

Rotary Print Design

This leopard print design was originally created in Adobe Photoshop, consisting of millions of colours.

It was then converted into a limited palette of 4-5 colours which are then separated into individual layers, suitable for rotary printing on a high, commercial scale.

Watercolour patterns

Quite often I will create the original artwork ‘offline’ by drawing or painting components such as leaves and then scanning them into Photoshop where I can manipulate shapes and colours to create a pattern repeat.

This print was designed to be a one colour repeat print onto chambray fabric (for mens shirts).

All Over Print repeat by Carol McEwan
soap packaging design


I created the branding for a new luxury candle & soap company and included a pattern based on the logo mark which would be used on their packaging.  We were aiming for a luxury, boutique hotel look.

The client’s feedback was amazing and she said the branding service surpassed her expectations.

AOP for mens shirts

I’ve worked with suppliers in India & Bangladesh to produce shirts for some well known menswear brands in the UK.

The painted marks were manipulated in photoshop so that the final design is a one colour print repeat which is cheap to produce however by using artistic effects like this, it gives the shirt a more expensive, hand-crafted appearance.

printed chambray design

Outerwear Design

This pattern was created for use on a best selling winter jacket for a well known sports brand.

It was inspired by camp & hunting patterns but the monotone colours made it more contemporary and commercially appealing.

As with all of my prints, time was spent to create a perfect, seamless repeat.

Accessories Print Design

This patchwork paisley design was done originally for fashion accessories.

All of my prints can be re-sized to a specific height and width to suit production & the product it will be used on.

Colours can be matched to specific customer palettes, or industry standard Pantone references.

paisley bandana print
yarn dyed or printed check design

Check / Tartan Design

Check designs can be either yarn dyed or printed.

As you can see here, even if it’s printed, it will give the appearance of a ‘real’ check due to how I colour it up, ensuring correct crossover of the warp & weft threads.

Since this is a vector based design it is easily re-coloured to show additional colourways.

Childrenswear Designs

I’ve been designing prints for nightwear for a few years now and always find boys & girls prints such fun to work on.

kids print design